Nitech Limited, a UK-based company was established in 1981 and has been designing, manufacturing a wide range of state-of-the-art portable lighting, batteries and power systems that offer unrivalled performance and value for money.


Professional, portable, economical, rechargeable Floodlighting for Heavy Duty Usage and for use in Hazardous Areas. New LED model offers up to 36 hours of Lighting between Charges. Offers a Low-Cost alternative to generator floodlighting.

Halogen Rechargeable Handlamps

Nitech X-Cell Rechargeable Handlamps including model 800H, offer up to 8 hours continuous, high performance light output. The handlamps will operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C and although constructed to withstand tough handling they are lightweight units which will float beam up. The luminous lens rim glows in the dark to aid location. The battery does not suffer from memory effect and can be charged whenever convenient.

High Power Rechargeable Handlamp

The X-Cell Rechargeable Battery is included in the High Power 900h Sabre. This handlamp offers the same recharging and operating characteristics as the H range but offers around 70 minutes continuous light output at 400,000 candlepower. It is supplied as standard in olive drab with a black lens rim and is fitted with a toggle switch to allow one-handed on/off and momentary on/off operation. For covert use, can be supplied with an infrared filter.
X-Cell Rechargeable Batteries

Mains and low voltage charging leads included Models available Plus and Major. These unique replacements for 6v PJ996 lantern batteries are the only batteries in the world you can recharge direct from mains or low voltage supplies. They can be recharged up to 3000 times and can replace around 2 1/2 tonnes of conventional batteries with obvious cost and environmental savings. They are not damaged by being overcharged nor by being completely discharged. X-Cell batteries are UK Government Green Product Award winners.
Millennium Range

Models available Mil50, Mil100, Mil400. The most powerful compact handlamp in the world. An incredible 30 hours continuous light output is given by the Mil50 handlamp and 20 hours by the Mil100. The Mil400 gives around 5 hours continuous light at a stunning 400,000 candlepower and this unit is also equipped as standard with a secondary polycarbonate lens fitted into a rubber housing. For covert/surveillance operations an infrared filter is available as an accessory. All models can be charged via the mains or direct from a 12v supply. Despite their astonishing performance they are compact, lightweight, robust and waterproof.
High Efficiency Lightheads

These powerful lightheads are manufactured from high pressure die-cast aluminium with polycarbonate lens. They use compact fluorescent tubes combined with an efficient ballast, reflector and lens system designed specifically to take account of this type of light source. By optimising the design of the lamp, the reflector and the ballast the efficiency can be as much as 10-15 times greater than a conventional halogen floodlight. Electricity costs are reduced and when generators are used these savings can be multiplied tenfold. The fluorescent lamps offer a colour temperature of 4000°K-4500°K which not only give excellent colour rendition but provide safer and less fatiguing working conditions.
Illuminator System

The Illuminator is a system consisting of a generator, masts, cables and lightheads - each of which is equivalent to a 500w halogen and rated IP68. This versatile and easily portable system can be transported in an stationwagon and set up by one person. For generators 200va, 750va Petrol and LPG options are available. The lightweight 750va generator can power up to 20 Nitech high efficiency/low energy lightheads while the 500va mini generator powers up to 12 lightheads. The fluorescent light source itself has a much greater life than other technologies and will also tolerate adverse environmental conditions involving mechanical shock and vibration and is virtually maintenance-free.

Ranges available Galaxy, Nova. The Spacelight range of portable, rechargeable floodlights offers mains or generator performance in a completely portable unit. Low glare, cool, silent running and zero pollution make this the ideal choice when working in confined spaces or where a generator powered light is not an option. The Galaxy range can be recharged in less than one hour direct from mains supply. Between 4 and 16 hours full light output is available depending on the model chosen. Spacelights are rated IP66 and all models will operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C and can be left on permanent charge. They do not suffer from memory so no battery management is required.
Personal Lighting
Personal Signalling Torch

Developed for the UK Ministry of Defence as the in-service personal torch for the British Army this highly compact unit is powered by 2 x AA batteries. Particular features are the integral red/green colour filter with external control, unique two-stage reflector system, and tail cap on/off switch. Two spare bulbs are housed in the torch body. It is tough enough to survive the hardest working conditions and is waterproof to 5m. It can withstand extremes of temperature ranging from -45°C to +60°C. For added convenience the torch can be supplied with a lanyard or pouch.

Models available HT1, HT3 (rechargeable), HT4. For comfortable, hands-free the light the headtorch range offers up to 8 hours operating time from either primary batteries or our X-Cell major rechargeable battery. The wide, adjustable band fits all heads or safety helmets. On/off/focus is achieved by a single action turn of the lens which can also swivel from horizontal to vertical. All models are lightweight, shockproof and can carry a spare bulb.